An overview of Childcare


Spring Brainy Kidz offer full day-care services for toddlers 18 months to 3 years old, and children 4 to 6 years old. A half-day program is also available at our childcare centres.



Programme Age Group
Playgroup 18 months – 2 years old
Nursery 1 3 years old
Nursery 2 4 years old
Kindergarten 1 5 years old
Kindergarten 2 6 years old


Operating Hour


Full Day

Monday to Friday – 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Saturday – 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM Sunday – Closed

Half Day

Monday to Friday – 7:00AM to 1:00 PM or Monday to Friday – 1:00PM to 7:00PM Saturday – 7:00AM to 1:00PM Sunday – Closed

Brainy Language and Literacy

Children from toddlers to nursery one are learning and exploring based on different themes throughout the years. Start from things they are familiar with, their understanding of the worlds are expanding to wider range. Young children’s learning are more hand-one and they spend a lot of time learn through purposeful play.
For children nursery two to kindergarten, they are learning through interesting stories. Children are attracted by the stories and are engaged in different kinds of activities based on the story.
They learnt different vocabularies, characters, setting and moral inside the story context. They role play and make a lot of hand-on craft work based on the story.

Stories Used:

Stories Used:

Pre Emergent

Emergent 2

Early 2

Emergent 1

Early 1

Aesthetics and Creative Expression

Children learn and explore different art forms to express their ideas. A lot of rhymes and music and movement are used to let children share ideas and feelings through art and music.
Special enrichment programme “Absolute Piano” are incorporated to give special exposure of music appreciation and learning how to play key board.

Brainy Chinese

Special Brainy Chinese, Tots Can Read Chinese and 成语识字arouse children’s interest in Chinese and lay strong foundation in their future study. Enrichments such as Speech and Drama, Absolute Piano and abacus bring a richer exposure in different aspects.



Is Right Brain Training Important?

of right brain based thinking.
We take pride in our strong and all-encompassing academic syllabus. On top of aligning our curriculum to MOE’s standard guidelines, Spring Brainy Kidz makes use of right brain training methods to help the child achieve Whole Brain Activation. The school also integrate brain training into the curriculum to enhance children brain development and memory power. Fast speed flash cards and memory games are used to enhance children’s brain development. The benefits of whole brain activation are widely known. It can build sharper focus, fast memory, accelerated learning and greater brain power.

@ Sims

110 Lorong 23
Geylang #01-05 Singapore 388410


@ Yishun

716 Yishun Street 71
#01-258 Singapore 760716


@ Potong Pasir

113 Potong Pasir Ave 1
#01-838 Singapore 350113


@ Ubi

306 Ubi Ave 1 #02-185 Singapore 400306


@ Bukit Batok

Blk 296A Bukit Batok Street 22 #01-56Singapore 651296